My ordinary life in exaggeration...

When I was a young child, I had no friends so I created a world of my own. Now I am older and I can't leave.


I vote for...

Lara's so gross, always dipping her dirty little fingers in my single orifice. But sometimes I get to watch her accidently cut herself with the nail clippers, and that is pretty entertaining. You'd think she'd know better than to use the man-sized toe-nail clippers on her little hand-digits. Huh? What is the dyke-bot raving about now? Oh, the delection thing. Whatever. I'll vote for, um... None of this matters anyway. I have seen the universe end and I still remember how it all began, and my vote will not alter these cataclysmic events. I politely abstain.


The LESBOtron must be stopped.

I hate that mechanical moron and how she has abused the pitiful shell of what remains of my dear sister. She has wrested my sweet Sascha's soul from its resting peace in Hades and for this she will pay. PAY!

My vote goes to you, AutomaTramp. Your death threats are meaningless to me, for I am a ghost in the world of the living.

In Solidarity With My Genetically Identical Siblings

I vote for the one who viciously slaughtered my family. I vote for the one who violated my single cell body with her artificially-created mockery of a plasmid. I vote for the Evil One. I vote for Lara.


Vote for me!

All this voting going on, and no one voting for me. You would think with the amount of non-living on this blog some of you would be less stupid. I am far, far, more useless than Lara. Lara has a real job, friends, and some sort of sordid lesbian triangle. I, on the other hand, have none of these things. Because I don't deserve any of them. Because I'm useless. So useless, in fact, that not even my own flesh and blood has voted for me. My creator doesn't love me, and in fact, never has. What does that tell you about me? Screw Lara. Vote for Sascha.



as an outlaw, i am not sure if i am legally entitled to vote, but i am casting my vote anyway...

i vote for the Electra. for the most part, i approve of the LESBOtron's efforts to acchieve world domination, but i don't really buy into this whole sidekick arrangement. i know a lots o' "heros" from the past and from popular culture had sidekicks, but the "lone wolf" image is much more badass. ditch the mechaminion, LESBOtron.


Our "vote" is "cast" for Lara.

It is necessary that we vote to remove her in this delection. Otherwise, we will never learn our true function as revealed by the LESBOtron.


This is ridiculous.

I am the sole administrator here. I have not given that mechanical moron permission to remove anyone. I alone posess that authority and I am considering using it right now. You do not have to vote. I am not going to legitimize this "delection" by participating.


As Long as the Moose stays....

Obviously, I vote for myself.
(See posts below.)


Fall Sweeps

I do not know (or care) what the rest of you think about this online Journal, but lately the quality has been lacking in terms of intelligence and entertainment value. I believe that this contamination can be traced to a single entity. Once the impure element has been purged from our Journal, it will rise to become the most powerful website in the history of the Internet. I am the mind, The Electra are the body, and the Journal will be the mouthpiece of the revolution, of the fulfillment of my Ultimate Divine Purpose.

In simultaneous homage to the American “democratic” tradition and the recent stint of reality television, I will allow every member of the Journal vote on who should be removed. A reason for your vote is not required, but highly suggested. The votes will NOT be anonymous; those who are hated will know exactly who hates them. (The Electra will know who to punish if you vote against me.)

To ensure that everyone who votes is not an imposter, you must create a separate entry for your vote.

If the other constituency members were all robots and therefore perfect by design, this process would take less than a minute. However, we recognize the non-machines are all inherently flawed. I will give you two weeks to vote. I hope that all members decide to recognize your civic duty through the act of voting. (If you do not vote, you will be kicked out of the Journal.)

I vote for the removal of Lara.

She is so fucking lame.